Registration No. 8821/2012


EGYCOPT  is a civil society institution launched on 15 July 2012, with the goal of empowering young Egyptians who deserve a better life and helping them achieve their hope of finding the proper employment opportunity, that would enable them to have a respectable livelihood

EGYCOPT will invest in young Egyptians to empower them through technical, vocational education and training to enable them with job opportunities and sustainable career development for better living standards and more productive lifeabou

EGYCOPT will make contacts with potential employers to assess, the market needs and assist in matching job opportunities with the EGYCOPT trained workforce



Build the national capacities of youth and empower them with necessary, technical skills through education and vocational training to prepare them to address the employment market needs



Establish contacts with specialized and renowned institutions that would offer training programs to the candidates with the ultimate goal of offering employment opportunities

.Encourage initiatives that create potential job opportunities in the industrial and social services sectors

.Match skilled  youth with potential employment opportunities



Making a positive difference in Someone's life



  1. Train youth for employment to meet the requirements of skilled and qualified workforce to open up potential opportunities for employment.
  2. Encourage and improve the vocational technical skills.
  3. Seek Scholarship in institutions and universities.
  4. Explore new projects with opportunities for new graduates.
  5. Provide Social, Cultural and Health Awareness and Services.



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Address: 28 Talaat Harb Street, 7th. Floor. Cairo - Egypt
Tel. +2 010 23456 525 , Fax: +2 010 23456 525