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BOD:Founders, Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and our Team

Founders’, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors consists of Egyptian Society Pioneers and experts in their field, who volunteer their time to oversee the Foundation’s activities and to provide unique and distinctive services, including operational and financial expertise and organizational development consulting services.The Board meets once a month and its responsibilities include setting the Foundation’s strategic vision, and assisting in selecting and monitoring assignments, plans and projects, ensuring compliance with all legal rules and maintaining a high degree of accountability. The Board Members also meet on an as-needed basis when important issues arise 

:The following are the members’ names according to the alphabetical order


Dr. Amin Makram Ebied - Board of Trustees’ Member

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University Kasr Al Ainy 1962 and in 1970 became a colleague of the Royal College of Surgeons in England, he taught at the University of Mansoura, then moved to Harvard University as a researcher and member of the Clinical. He registered in the Association of Surgeons of America in 1981 and a colleague of FRCS. He worked as a surgeon in several hospitals in Texas until he returned to Egypt in November 2003. The most important of His books "The impact of the Copts on civilization" and a book of "Towards a culture of progress"


Eng. Bassel Sami Saad - Board of Directors’ Member

Graduated from faculty of Engineering “Civil Engineering” - Cairo University in 1990, has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University in Washington DC, USA in 1993. He works in the field of Hotels Development, Food and Beverages. Currently he is holding the position of Chairman for several Companies in diverse fields, including hotels of Steinberger Al Dau, in Hurghada and factories of Corona in Alexandria and factories of Schweppes for soft drinks, in addition to his work in serving the areas related to family investments and development, he is also a member of Board of Directors in many churches and social foundations


Eng. Bassim S. Yousif - Board of Trustees’ Member and Head of Board of Directors

Graduated from Faculty of Engineering (Electrical Telecommunication)-Cairo University in 1973, he started his work in Arab Contractors Comp. as a Site Manager, then he worked with ABB company as a Sales & Marketing Manager and gradually promoted in positions until reaching the position of  Sub-regional Manager for ABB Egypt & Central Africa on 2009 till end of Dec. 2010. He is currently holding the positions of: Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Young Stars in Egypt , Managing Director of INCORP International Inc. Electro-Mech Construction, Board of Director in Engineering Square, Board of Director in Samcrete. Also he is a Board of Directors for several Egyptian and International reputable organizations


Dr. Professor Fawzy Estafnous – Board of Trustees’ Member 

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University, since his graduation, many of progress he has been made ​​in his medical profession career until he reached the highest level of qualification and became a pioneer in his specialty professor at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio in the United States. Currently Dr. Estafnous busy with charitable activities in the United States and Egypt.


Chancellor Dr. Gamil Sobhi Barsoum - Founder and Board of Trustees Member

Dr. Gamil has a doctorate (PHD) of law and President of Appeal Court from University of Sorbonne in Paris, France. He is a member of the Supreme Judicial Council, a Member of Egyptian Parliament and a Member of Milli Council. Currently he holds the position of Legal Advisor for Orascom Group


Mrs. Huda Garace - Founder

She is a professor of English at the American University in Cairo. She has effective contributions in various social and charitable activities in Egypt also having wide-ranging roles in the field of social work in churches and charitable organizations


Mr. Lewis Grace – Founder

Writer and journalist and critic born in July 1928 - BA in journalism and literature from the American University 1955 - Graduate Diploma from the University of Michigan, 1958, journalist and editor of the magazine Sabah Elkhair 1961, and managing editor of the magazine in 1959, Editor in Chief, 1968. Action Reporter magazine Rose El Youssef and Sabah Elkhair from the United Nations 1971-1972 - Managing Director of Rose El Youssef 1972-1980 - editor of Sabah Elkhair 1982 - 1989 - Member of the Supreme Press Council - Member of  the Supreme Council for the press - Member of  the Supreme Council for Culture 1976-1984 - Member of reading theater Committee 1980-1985 - Member of the Supreme control Commission on artistic works


Eng. Magdy Amin – Board of Directors’ Member

Graduated from Faculty of Engineering “Architectural Engineering” – Ain Shams University in 1981. He currently holds the position of General Manager of the Construction Company of Samcrete. Also he is the Chairman of Abu Savien Association for Social Development in El Khosous region. 


Eng. Maher Andraws – Founder

He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, "architecture". He designed the grand architectural projects including mega-projects such as the development of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Mecca, in addition to other various hospitality hotels, commercial and administrative buildings. Engineer M. Andrew is currently participated in various social activities along with his own work 


Chancellor Monsif Soliman - Board of Trustees Member

Has as a master degree in law. He occupied the premier and leading positions in Egyptian Courts. He is a member of the Committee on the Coptic Church and the legal advisor to the Pope. He is interested in many of the activities related to human rights. Mr. Monsef is a legal expert and a specialist in the constitution. He is currently occupied with theses various issues


Dr. Eng. Nader Riad: Board of Trustees’ Member

Chairman of the Board of Directors for Bavaria Egypt SAE. M - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bavaria Port Said free zones Rd. M. M & it is worth mentioning that Dr. Nader Riad obtained the Medal of Merit of the first class from Germany


Mr. Ra'fat Hanna – Board of Directors’ Member & Treasurer

He is currently the Financial Controller of  the National Company for Investment Sonid "Sami Saad Holding" , and a member of one of the charities that operate in the field of social services in Road El- Farag - Shoubra


Eng. Salwa Tawfick: Board of Trustees Member

Graduated from faculty of Engineering “Architectural Engineering” from Ain Shams University on 1979 – she started her work as an Executive Engineer with Eng. Sami Saad Co. "Engineers & Contractors" in 1981, and then she gradually prompted in work until reaching the position of a General Manager for Stream Line Company “for Publicity & Marketing Studies and Consultations” one of Eng. “Sami Saad Holding”


Eng. Sami Saad - Founder and Board of Trustees’ Member

Founder and Chairman of the National Investment Company "Sonid". Sami Saad Holding established since 1962, diversified through its 4 sub-holdings in Construction, Hospitality, Automotive and Food & Beverage activities 


Mrs. Samia Shenouda - Secretary-General to Board of Directors

She has a long experience with the United Nations, where she worked as director and a specialist in international cooperation, has extensive experience in economic activities and social development, which aims to raise the standard of living of the laboring classes


Dr. Samir Semeika - Board of Trustees’ Member

Graduate from Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini at Cairo University in 1959, and completed his graduate studies in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in London. He is a member of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He worked as first assistant to his grandfather "to his mother," Professor Naguib Pasha Mahfouz, founder of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Egypt


Ambassador Wahib EL Miniawy: Founder 

Currently holds the position of Economic Development Consultant to the National Company for Investment Sonid "Sami Saad Holding" – Mr. El Miniawy held the position of Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Peru, Venezuela and Japan – Also he is a board member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs


Eng. Yousif Sidhom - Chairman of Board of Trustees

 Born in January 1950, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering – He is an architect consultant and the Editor in Chief of the weekly newspaper “Watani”


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Mr. Antoun Labib - General Manager of EGYCOPT Foundation

 He is currently the General Manager for EGYCOPT

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