Revit is the most famous BIM (Building Information Modeling) application, Revit Structure designed for Structure Engineers meet their requirements and ideas, and it is new platform and new technology that is different than AutoCA:

-Building Structures Design and drawings background

• Introduction to Autodesk AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) solutions.
• Overview of BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology.
• Introduction to Revit Structure.
• Overview of Revit Families types
• Working With Views
• Planes Elevation and Section
• Working With 3D views
• Working With Levels
• Working With Grids
• Creating Structural Columns
• Creating Structural Walls
• Creating Beams
• Creating Structural Framing
• Working With Beam Systems

• Working With Floors

• Working With Foundations

• Creating Stairs Ramps

• Working With Annotations and Schedules

• Creating Dimensions

• Creating Tags (text)

• Creating Schedules

• Working Reinforcement and Rebaring.

• Working With Sheet

• Creating Sheets

• Printing

• Cad & Revit management

• Workshop

• Exercise & closing

Civil Engineering

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    • خريج/ة (دبلوم – معهد – كلية).
    • السن حتى 35 سنة.
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    • الجدية والالتزام.
    •  اجتياز المقابلة الشخصية.