Egycopt has several programs:
– Youth Training Program
– Herfa (Handicrafts) Program for women-headed households
– Kodra Program for people with disabilities
– University Scholarship Program for Thanaweya graduates

– Young graduates (Diploma- Institute – Faculty)
– Women-headed households
– People with disabilities
– Thanaweya graduates

Egycopt is a non-profit Egyptian organization which believes that investing in human capabilities is essential to the economic development of the society.

Egycopt provides training courses in various fields to comply with the needs of the Egyptian labor market

– Automotive technology
– Technical programs
– Administrative, financial and marketing
– Engineering programs
– Information technology
– Medical services

– Egyptian nationality
– Graduate (Diploma – Institute – College)
– Age up to 35 years
– Determine the status of the army for male candidates
– Seriousness and commitment
– Passing the personal interview

– Personal photo
– 2 copies of the national ID card
– Copy of the educational qualification certificate
– Copy of the army status for male candidates
(The documents will be handed over on the day of the personal interview, along with the originals of these documents for inspection only.)

Scholarships are for graduates of Diplomas, Institutes and Faculties

Based on the vision of the Foundation which aims to qualify the age group most in need for training to bridge the gap between their studies and the practical experience required in the jobs available to the labor market (since most of them did not have the opportunity in the first place), the age of those who accepted the scholarship was extended to 35 years.

Your documents submitted to the foundation will be reviewed during the personal interview.
Egycopt’s interview committee is helping you to choose the most suitable training course in
case you do not know what is right for you.

The Foundation provides only one scholarship per person so that it can support and benefit as many young people as possible.